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Sunday 9 February 2014

Photography and the Significant Loveliness Ratio

I have a new camera and it's a digital SLR!  (If you don't know what SLR stands for, it's Significant Loveliness Ratio.)  (And it isn't exactly new, it's new to me. But it kind of feels like an old friend already.)

Here is my first attempt at taking photo.  Somewhat out of focus.  Hmmm. Maybe Dru was a little too close.

Delia's looking grand, though.  

And Mr B has scrubbed up well.  

The next thing to do was to go up onto the Downs and try it out properly. Whereupon it rained.  

And hailed. 

And the car windows steamed up.

There was a brief respite - just long enough for an ice cream at the Sea Walls ...

... secure in the knowledge that I'll be forced to go on a jaunt very very soon to give it a proper try-out, eh, Ted?


  1. Love it, love it all! We thought of You-on-the-Downs, Dru-and-I-in-the-kitchen, and we agreed that we like that sort of weather but sometimes we also like being indoors in it.

    1. Sharp-eyed observers who know the area well will notice that the final photo was not taken on the Downs. This is because Ted's walk was in two parts - on a very sodden Downs, in hail and icy wind, and in the local park, under a runny sun, slightly later.