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Saturday 4 May 2013

Exhibition, Tithe Barn, Bradford-on-Avon

If you are within 300 miles of the beautiful small town of Bradford-on-Avon this Saturday and/or Sunday, get thee to ye magnificent Tithe Barn, next to which is the West Barn where there is an exhibition of art, pottery, sculpture and glass by eleven artists, and in particular peruse ye fynne werke of my friend, Jan Lane, and availeth thee of her wares which she will give you in return for modest amounts of money.


Ye birdies cost from £28 to £85 (that's for one with two birds perched on a beautiful piece of spalted beech - see, I learnt a new word at the exhibition too) but don't buy the starling  because I have belatedly realised that I need it.  

Although you will want to, you will not be able to buy all of these artful brooches costing a mere £7.50 each because I got there first.  There is still plenty of gorgeosity available, however.  

Alas, my camera has been a bit rubbish ever since I tipped a cup of tea over my dressing gown whilst it was in my dressing gown pocket, so I am desisting from posting my substandard photos of Jan's lovely prints of hearts and apples and pears and trees - not to mention her daughter Tabitha's toadstools - but they are there to be loved and purchased and loved again also, so treat yourself while you can.  


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