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I'm co-director of the Leaping Word Poetry Consultancy, which provides advice for poets on writing, editing and publishing, as well as qualified counselling support for those exploring personal issues in their work - https://theleapingword.com. My fifth poetry collection, Learning Finity, is now available from Indigo Dreams or directly from me.

Saturday 3 September 2011

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey

My poem, 'Oracle', is going to be published in an anthology, which means it can't pack its red-spotted handkerchief and make its way out into the world of poetry competitions any more, so I'm posting it here.  It's about going into therapy.  (And the chair was red, actually.)


This room with magnolia walls
will be your shrine at the base of the temple.
This chair, whose colour you won’t remember,

your rock of prophecy. The view
not a tumult of olive trees, but a dusty strip
of municipal sky through two high windows.

On the occasional table
a box of tissues for the pot-bound
fig weeping in the corner.  Ask yourself

why only now you taste its fruit,
or trace the roots of the knotted tree
so long your rack?

Time to cast memories like runes,
stony hearts and shards of sea glass,
edges blunted by the tumbling of years,

to learn the lithomancer’s craft,
master the ways in which a seer
foretells the past.

© Deborah Harvey 2011

'Deborah Harvey's poems are raw and true. She is the real thing.'    Hugo Williams

My poetry collection, 'Communion', is published by Indigo Dreams and available from them, or Amazon, W H Smith and so on.  Or if you want a signed copy, email deborah.harvey@ymail.com for details.  This poem isn't in it, but you can read some of the ones that are here.


  1. thanks Deb - Mare

  2. Ooh - all this lovely stuff you're writing, while I've been looking the other way! Congratulations x