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Friday 29 April 2011

Something blue

Some days you have to get away from it all. Especially when there's a R*yal W*dding.

It's not always easy, though.

Something old ...  

Ancient woodland in the Forest of Dean
Something new ...  

Ted, two years three months old

Something borrowed ... 

Companionship - me old mucker, Jill, with the commemorative plate she kindly made me to mark the day 

Some dead shrew.

OK, OK - something blue ... 



  1. A place to pursue where there is blue, and ponder with wonder at the splendour of nature, and walk amongst the trees to see these beautiful flowers within your pictures!

    Nice photographs. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. it's not a proper walk unless you find a dead shrew, of course. What is it with shrews? -it's like they're a takeaway for drunk owls who decide they aren't really hungry after all and throw them aside. That's my theory anyway.

  3. Did you see any white stags in the Forest of Dean?

  4. Glimpsed a deer with a white arse disappearing into the trees, but I rather think the rest of it was a fawny colour, so probably not. Didn't see a boar either, which is almost certainly as well given the fact that litters of piglings, over-protective sows and an excitable collie probably aren't a good mix ...