Monday, 17 August 2015

Severn Sea At Our Feet

I'd intended to take my daughter and her friend down to Berrow beach in Somerset on Saturday, to give the dog a run and get a few lungfuls of sea air, but one look at the river of cars headed south on the M5 at Cribbs Causeway had me switching lanes and driving under the motorway instead, on a direct route towards Severn Beach.  Which was disappointing.  And yet, as I've maintained before, the closest 'beach' to Bristol does have its own bleak beauty.  

NO, not that, this ... 

Tide out too. Proper desolate. I like it. 

I'd intended to take an arty photo of this huge lump of driftwood but Ted got there first. 

I was pleased out of all proportion to take this simple, foot-worn path up to the technological magnificence of the Second Severn Crossing and under the busy M4. 

The old bridge looking sombre in shadow

Here's the view downstream again.  You can just make out Denny Island and that familiar divide west and east, between a cloudy Wales and brighter England, all down to Atlantic depressions and prevailing winds and stuff.

One of the things I love about coming out here are the huge skies and the feeling of space. It's always worth the 20 minute drive out of the city to get a sense of the sea.  


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