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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dead Creatures

Concern has been expressed for the nearly dead rabbit I encountered last week, and indeed, at the time I had a little weep.

Whereas two days earlier, this dead rat had evinced a small shriek of horror. Funny how deep these ancient dreads run, to the point of being reflex actions.  


  1. But why are folks shrieking fearful of benign creatures?

    Miss reading you more often, Deb.

    My second boxer, Tina, may have lung cancer and she lost the use of her hind legs. She's not even 8. Her sister, Frida, died of lymphoma in Feb. I'm bereft.

    1. Oh Donna, this is a terribe thing to hear, I am so sorry - dogs don't live long enough, its true, but this is ill-starred indeed. Sending you strongest love. Please keep writing through this XXXXXXX

    2. Oh dear, spelling and grammar gone to pot but you know what I mean. Much love xx