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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ted Goes To Berrow Beach and Brean

It being the first weekend of the summer holidays, Berrow Beach was rather busier than usual. 

There might even have been a couple of other people there apart from us.  

There was a man with a metal detector which Ted had a good look at, just to make sure he hadn't sneaked a vacuum cleaner onto the beach, but on the whole he was far more interested in his ball. 
I'm sure he thinks that if he stares at it hard enough, it will gravitate towards him. 


When we arrived the tide was still quite high. It was curious to see the wreck of the SS Nornen afloat - if only briefly and only after a fashion.  

The moon still being very new, the sea was receding rapidly and within fifty minutes it had abandoned the wreck and was disappearing over the horizon.
Our plan had been to head to Brean for tea and chips and then walk the length of Brean Down, but Ted's lead broke so we only managed to do the first bit. (There's sheep on that there ridge.)  Never mind, that means we'll have to go back again soon.  


  1. Good for you and Ted. I might even like going to a beach that deserted.

    I've missed reading you. Have been overwhelmed lately. I deactivated my fb account for now.

    Much affection from me to you.