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Thursday, 16 December 2021

Walking into Winter

During the last month the colours of autumn have all but ebbed in the edgelands of North Bristol, and winter's green-greys and silvers are starting to come to the fore. 

In our favourite meadow, we've watched the hollowing oak lose the last of its leaves. 

The rookery is now bare too, of leaves if not birds ... 

... and you can really appreciate the monstrous spikes on the blackthorn bushes islanding the footpath.

We've also started walking out beyond Fishpool Hill, on the fields adjoining the part of the Brabazon development that's under construction. 

There are some fine old trees out there too ...

... oaks, mainly ... 

... but also field maples ...

... and ash trees, including some really quite ancient ones.

There's little to be seen of the development itself so far, apart from a few houses at Catbrain, freshly shifted earth over by Cribbs Causeway, fencing and keep out signs. 

Horrible to think all this will soon be under tarmac.

As if she knows her time on these fields is limited, Cwtch the Collie has been having a great time exploring (and chasing the crows who like to tease her by flying always just out of reach). 

Can't fault the little dog's ambition

A walk with Penka

‘I am the spirit of dark and lonely water: ready to trap the unwary, the show-off, the foolish dog ... '

There have also been more changes up on Golf Course Lane, following the felling of trees last month. As suspected, the lane has been widened, and concrete put down to make a new entrance into the car park. A section of the golf course has also been fenced off, we think to make a new pitch and putt course.

Nevertheless, there've still been some moments that have felt quite wild, even between the cranes and diggers, like these ravens that filled us with delight. And were far too high even for a collie to consider chasing. 

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