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Thursday, 9 December 2021

A walk at Abbots Pool

It was a much nicer morning than the forecast had been promising, so we headed across town to Abbots Pool, which is just over the border in North Somerset. Although I've lived in Bristol all my life, I'd never been there before, so it was new territory for all of us. 

The focus of any walk through the small wood at Abbots Pool is ... well, the pool, which was used as a fish farm by mediaeval monks. These days it's a nature reserve. Dogs aren't allowed in the pool, but there's no danger Cwtch would even try, such is her dislike of water. 

The Northerner and Cwtch by the boathouse

The top of the cascade

A fairy high-rise

Cwtch ... 

... aghast at the loud and bolshy ducks

A ring of lichen

A banquet of fungi on tree stumps

Still autumn in some parts of the wood

Careful, Cwtch

Sweet chestnut bark

A leaf-slippy little path led up to the top of the cascade ...

... which suddenly felt quite high up.

Only a little walk but one we'll do again. 

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