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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Sea-Change ...

For the first couple of weeks, I had trouble opening my poetry collection, 'Communion', for fear I would instantly see loads of mistakes - despite my publisher's assertion that the inevitable slips are just 'freckles' and add distinction.  In fact, I have noticed a line in italics which should have been in a smaller font, and I'm sure that if I went through all the poems in detail, I might well find places where I could have expressed myself better.  

Lately, though, I have undergone a sea-change.  I am feeling much more positive about - well, everything.  It helps that 'Communion', has been garnering some pleasing reviews.  

I am off to my biscuit tin by the sea for a few days, and hope to get lots of walking done on the coast and up on Dartmoor.  This will be followed by a trip up north to Leeds, and the prospect of a couple of literary forays into West Yorkshire and over to Whitby.  With a following wind, I might even come back with a poem or two burning a hole in my pocket.

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