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Sunday, 31 July 2022

Poetting at the 2022 Kennet & Avon Summer Floating Fayre

And so to the summer floating market on the Kennet and Avon canal, this time on Darlington Wharf in Bath. (They call it the floating fayre these days, but I like floating market, as it sends me straight to Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere'.) 

We weren't entirely sure whether we should take Cwtch with us or not; she's had a sheltered life so far, especially during her formative months, being a lockdown pup, and she was quite nervous at the Christmas floating market in Bradford-on-Avon, but she took it all in her stride this time. (Apart from some bloke we met asking if she was a husky ... 😂 )

We had a cup of coffee with Dru and Jinny on the towpath next to NB Eve. (It was so good to see Jinny back at the west end of the K&A and to be able to give her a hug at last.) Then Dru mentioned the poetry reading taking place at the buskers' spot and how I could read and I said I had no poems with me to read (despite having the Satchel of Poetry on me) and Dru said you've got one in the book and put a copy of 'Poets Afloat' in my hands and the Northerner said I lit up like a Christmas tree - in summer! - and that was that. 

Here's Jinny, Dru and Mitch reading their poems. 

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