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Thursday, 21 July 2022

Bimbling in Burnham-on-Sea

It was cooler than the previous couple of days, which saw temperature records obliterated (including here in Bristol), and Son the Younger was in town, and it was the first day of the summer holiday for me, so after my MA tutorial, we went to the beach.

Burnham-on-Sea was rammed with holiday makers ...

... so after inspecting the Low Lighthouse (built in 1832 and - apart from a hiatus between 1969 and 1993 - still in service), we headed away from the heaving metropolis, towards Berrow. 


For once the tide was quite high, which meant Cwtch got to see what we optimistically call the sea, and even paddle a little, when her desire to play with a frolicking golden labrador briefly overcame her fear of water.

Alas, poor herring gull ... 

Someone had written something rude in the sand

Once at Berrow, the tide was way too high to see the Wreck of the Nornen, but there will be other visits.

Sea rocket and beach rose (Rosa rugosa)

The seaward side of the lighthouse is striped red

Back home, there was time for a cup of tea and something to eat before an evening's poetry at El Rincon in Bedminster. An all-round lovely start to the summer break.

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