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Sunday, 27 June 2021

High summer at Ashton Court

We've found that as long as we pick our time, we can find relative solitude at Ashton Court, despite the pressure on open urban spaces as a result of the pandemic. So we've been going up there every couple of months or so this year, and now it's high summer's turn to take centre stage. 

The oak that's always first to greet us

yellow rattle

View over central Bristol, including the Wills Memorial building, Cabot Tower and St Mary Redcliffe

View over south Bristol with Kelston Roundhill on the horizon

View across to Dundry

Path to Summerhouse Plantation

Green where there were bluebells last time we were here

The Fattest Oak in ceremonial solstice robes

Fox or badger sett

I wish I could read bark. This is in sycamore. 

Nature watching with Cwtch the collie

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