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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Damson Vodka

I'd like to give the impression that I found my damsons deep in a rural thicket and plucked them at dawn, knee deep in dew, but wild damsons are the size and shape of small olives and can be hard to come by. As you can see, these are much larger - and in fact, they're not even ratepayer's damsons, though they were free from my mother's tree.  

Damson vodka recipe


1lb/454gm of washed damsons

6 ozs/168gm of white granulated sugar

75cl bottle of cheaper vodka

Sterilised 1 litre (at least) Kilner jar or similar


Wash the damsons well and discard any bad fruit. Cut a slit in each piece of fruit and place them in the jar.

Add the sugar and top up with vodka to the rim.

Shake every day until the sugar is dissolved and then store in a cool, dark place until you can resist it no longer.   Try to leave for at least three months, longer if you can.  

I confess that of all the fruit vodkas I've made, I am particularly fond of gooseberry and elderflower, rhubarb and ginger, and the liquid bliss that is mulberry and almond.  But damson vodka is nectar, I tells 'ee ... nectar!


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