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Friday 4 March 2022

Earliest Spring in Long Wood

We had a bit of time to spare in the vicinity of Purdown this morning, so we headed up to Lockleaze and went for a walk in Long Wood on the Stoke Park estate. It felt ... yes, springlike, though more in terms of expectation than visible evidence just yet. The trees were brimming with purpose, though, thanks 
mainly to the birds, and if growth were audible to the naked ear, we would have been deafened. 

It was especially heartening to see the bluebell shoots and the promise of all that beauty.

King Alfred's Cakes


We walked as far as the arch between Long Wood and Hermitage Wood before we had to start heading back. 

Parts of the wood are pretty sodden, but the main paths are really well maintained and the only perilous bits were picking our way through the gateways, where many feet had passed and churned the earth to deep mud. 

Talking of mud, as Colin and our collie, Cwtch, passed one of the notorious wallows on Purdown, this happened ...

... whereas if our old collie, Ted, was still with us, we would have had this to contend with ... 

... followed by this ... 

... and this. 

I love Cwtch, she's a sweetheart. I miss Ted more than I can say. 

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