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Thursday, 25 March 2021

The Moon and Larks Ascending

We needed a change of scene - in as much as that's allowed - so popped across town to Ashton Court this afternoon, and actually managed to get stuck in traffic for ten minutes on Redland Hill. Just like the good old days. 

It was so lovely to hear several larks - my first of 2021 - as soon as we exited the car in the top car park. They probably weren't quite as pleased to see Cwtch cavorting over their nesting site, but it can't be helped, dogs will be dogs. 

The light was stormy and sunny and spectacular, as has so often been the case this month, and it was lovely to encounter William Blake in one of the copses.

The moon was rising with the larks, the sun was just starting to sink ... 

... and I loved revisiting some of the old oaks and ash trees, which are just beginning to show signs of leafing ...

... apart from this one. Though there was the faintest of rainbows on the horizon. 

Cwtch was so pleased to be there she danced a gavotte, and soon we can take her a little further afield. Can't wait. 

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