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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Seven Sisters on the Last Day of September

The annual summons for my daughter's birthday - which retains its importance even unto her 28th year - saw us on the south coast, at Seven Sisters.  

There must be studies on the significance of Seven Sisters in world mythology but I haven't found any. Maybe it comes from the Pleiades originally? In Bristol they are a group of pine trees up on the Downs, and in the eponymous Seven Sisters in north London there are stories of circles of trees through the ages. (The current ones are hornbeams.) 

Here, on the Sussex coast, they are surging white cliffs. 

Seaford Head 

We were at the mouth of the River Cuckmere, where it piles over pebbles into the sea. 

Just above the beach it meanders through chalk flood plains alongside the new cut made in 1846 to relieve flooding upstream.

It's a bleak, immersive landscape. 
Let's have a wander. 

The beach vegetation reminded me of my visit to Pagham Harbour, 50-odd miles to the west, but at the other end of the season. 

It's quite different from my usual landscape. Just look at the thin gruel of chalky Sussex mud obliterating the good red earth of the West Country! 


It came on to rain a bit  ... 

... but briefly. 

And anyway, we were nearly back at the pub for a late lunch ... and home. 

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