Sunday, 4 December 2016

... who loved this spot

We vowed we'd try to get out for a bit if it's sunny on the weekend this winter, even if there's loads to do at home and even if we only get as far as the Downs. So today we went to the Downs. 

And it was a fine day for throwing a ball ... 

... and fetching a ball ... 

... and peeing on trees. 

Aren't we lucky, we told ourselves as we walked to Sea Walls. What a beautiful spot. What a beautiful balmy day. Look, spring's not far away. 

It's exactly two years since the bodies of Charlotte Bevan and her newborn baby were found below here in the gorge. 

And when we turned to walk back to the car we were in the teeth of a bitter wind. 

My grandfather proposed to my grandmother on one of the benches near here, a few days before Armistice. They were married by the end of the week. So I take an interest in the ones that are here now. Most of them seem to be in memory of someone.

This one has a QR code which made me momentarily nostalgic for the days when it was enough to know that someone had loved this spot. 

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