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Sunday 4 September 2016

St Audries in early Autumn

The last time I went to St Audries Bay on the Somerset coast, it rained and rained and little pup Ted paid rather too much interest to a stinky dogfish he found on the beach. 

Today it was overcast but dry.

Well, maybe not entirely, as its celebrated waterfall was still falling as it has done every moment of every day in the meantime.

But you didn't have to get wet unless you chose to. 
St Audries - also known as West Quantoxhead - has a knack of being so monochrome that you could (almost) think you'd taken black and white photos ...
... except for where its several waterfalls of varying size pour down onto the beach and colour explodes over the cliffs.

No, that's not entirely true, some of the cliffs are striking in their own right ...

... though I love the bleakness of this part of the Somerset coast, and - today, at least - its ravens flying overhead. This is looking west towards Minehead. 
You could spend a long time wondering what the worms are trying to communicate with their byzantine lettering ...
... though I think the fossils are mostly saying 'I was here'. 

This is the fossilised skull of a great elk, of course.   
I'd like to think that if there could be a message, it would be one of love. 

Which is all very well but we were in need of a brew so we headed for Kilve Chantry, just up the coast, and its wonderful cream teas. Yum. 

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