Saturday, 24 September 2016

Let Union Be In All Our Hearts

We went to Seend last weekend for a handfasting.  And a beautiful day it was too - one of the last blasts of summer, I suspect. 

The proceedings took place on Lye Field, off Rusty Lane, within spitting distance of the Kennet & Avon, upon which many of the guests, including the happy couple, live.  

There was a lovely view over to the honey-coloured spire of what, looking at the map, I suspect is the Church of St Nicholas at Bromham.  
Even the field mushrooms had their posh hats on. 

Not that it was that sort of event. The dress code was princess or pirate, and most of the guests, unsurprisingly, had opted for the latter. 

What princesses there were seemed to be running around brandishing swords, which was gratifying.

In fact, it was wonderful, all of it. 

Back at the edge of the field, I was intrigued by a configuration of the hills nearby. Their shape reminded me of those at Cherhill, where one of the white horses is. In fact, several of them seem to be in - or on - a curved line of hills. 

'That's Roundway Hill, ' Dru said when I told her, 'The new Devizes chalk horse is just along and round the corner. It replaces the lost one ... which was on Roundway Hill.'  

So ... yeah. 

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