Saturday, 28 May 2016

'Kin' on Poetry Please this Sunday!

After a false start a month or so ago, when nothing happened, Dru's received an email from the Beeb to say that my poem, 'Kin', requested by her back in 2012, will DEFINITELY be on Poetry Please on Radio 4 this Sunday, from 4.30pm. That's this Sunday, 29th May. From 4.30pm. Absolutely definitely. Really.

However, I've since been informed that it  will be on the same time as the commentary on some football match at Wembley involving a team called Barnsley. And apparently this might be a problem ...

Oh well, I'm sure someone will rethink their priorities before it's too late.  

'Kin' is from my 2011 collection, 'Communion', published by Indigo Dreams Press, and also appears in Dru's illustrated anthology of wildlife poems, 'Inking Bitterns', available from Gert Macky Books. 


  1. Thank you for this interesting post

  2. I heard you poem just now and loved it. Had to look you up as not heard of you before - my loss, my gain! Plan to write about it on my blog if you don't mind. Have just organised our annual cousins gathering and the description of a cacophony of cousins made me laugh - so very true! And an argumentation of uncles. Perfect. Best regards, Deborah (another one, from Bath)

    1. Hello Deborah - no, of course I don't mind, please do share. We counted up recently and discovered my grandparents have 94 direct descendants, not counting out-laws (as they are affectionately known in my family). I love the lot of them ... most of the time!