Monday, 9 May 2016

Blooming Metaphors

Dug up at the arse-end of autumn and transported from Grimauld Place to our new home in a wheelie bin strapped to the top of a Morris Traveller.  Rather ignominious treatment for a little apple tree.

Re-planted by a woman who knows what she's doing, however ... 

... and blessed by a wassailing ceremony and a visitation of jays ...

... and my grandmother's apple tree*, which never properly thrived in its former location, has not only survived the winter but is blossoming.  

And how happy am I that every happening in my life handily serves as a metaphor for something else.  

*grown from seed from the last apples gathered from my grandmother's garden,  a couple of months after her death in 1991


  1. Ah! Wish I'd done that ...

    1. I've been really lucky with it so far, I think. Must remember to water it through the summer!

  2. Enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.