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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Empathetic Dog

Dru came round my house last Thursday lunchtime to do one or two jobs, followed by Tina the electrician who wired in the smoke alarms so that the 11 year old extension on my house could finally be signed off.  The easiest thing to do was to send my border collie, Ted - a rather over-enthusiastic DIY-er - to my parents' house for the afternoon to keep him out of the way my Dad company. (Got to be circumspect; Ted might be reading this.) 

So Ted had no way of knowing that at about half four I stepped off the doorstep onto thin air (instead of my ankle joint) and broke my leg.  Except that at some point during the afternoon, he started to limp.

This is not an isolated incident where Ted is concerned. I took him to the vet some months ago because he was hobbling so badly.  I'd convinced myself he had dysplasia, so she gave him a once-over, moving each joint firmly but very gently.  'He's fine,' she said after a couple of minutes. 'He could just be imitating you because your arthritis is bad. That'll be £50, please.'

I don't know how to transfer videos from Facebook to here or do any fancy downloading stuff, but here's a link to a video Dru posted this morning of Ted at his empathetic (hammiest) best. (You might have to right click on it to open it in a new tab.)

And here's the poor beautiful best of dogs resting his imaginary gammy paw on a cushion.

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