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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Well I Never, Did You Ebbor?

The trouble with tidying up is that I tend to lose things, one of which was the lead to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop.  (In the end I bought new one.)  And so here, belatedly, are some photos of a walk we did ten days ago with Ellie and Vicky.

It was raining when we left the sanctuary of the Queen Victoria in Priddy but were we downcast?

No, because we were playing ball in the shelter of the Ebbor Woods ... 

... though at times it could have been the jungles of Borneo.  

It was a sloshy scramble up through the gorge to the top of the cliffs ... 

... but the view of rain elsewhere was pleasing.

Here's a suitably dramatic aspect over to Glastonbury Tor.    

Of course, we were accompanied by a very well behaved Dougal and two Teds ... 

 ... and a very fierce bear.

Oh no, this is the bear ... 

... that's Ellie!  

And the sun came out and lit the tower of St Cuthbert's, Wells, in the distance ... 

... and turned my hair the colour of a pumpkin.  

And then it was home time.   


  1. I feel so lucky to have this temperate rainforest almost on my doorstep.
    Spectacular photos!

    1. Yes , I'd like to do the walk from Wells one day.

  2. Let me know when! I'd like to do it with you ... especially if there's a dog.