Saturday, 2 March 2013

Histories and Our Stories at the Berkeley Square Hotel

If you missed the recent launch of my novel, Dart, at Halo Cafe Bar, Bristol, there will a sort of mini reprise at the The Berkeley Square Hotel from 8.30pm on Thursday 28th March, when talented Somerset singer-songwriter Reg Meuross and I will be taking a slantwise look at how history becomes folk tale and song.  (Don't worry, it's Reg doing the singing, not me - I shall restrict myself to reading from Dart and maybe a poem or two.)  So expect pus, buboes, quarantined lovers, decidedly anti-heroic highwaymen, mist-wreathed murders, frittenings and summats, not to mention the truly terrifying Bloodless and Boneless Behind The Door ...  

A man suffering from buboes and splotches, by Matthias Grunewald
(detail from the reverse of the Isenheim altarpiece, 1506-1515)

Also on the bill, Stroud storyteller Kevan Manwaring, Stephen W Lake and Richard Devereaux, so don't miss it!  

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