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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Writing Music the Starling Way

Darkling starlings singing out the Old Year at New Passage on the River Severn ... 


  1. quick, the notes are escaping! -reminds me of the trombonist on the Today programme yesterday morning. Bet he could interpret a starling flock interestingly...


    your pics came out very well, and rather better than mine!

  2. I love the ones where they are scattered over the stave. (Pity it wasn't five wires.)

    Must be the first time I got better pics than you! (Which reminds me - the Dancing Tomb of Dundry ... ?)

  3. Great pics! Messiaen was into this, I think. Then John Cage and his flock. But these look like the originals.

  4. Need to find a musician who will play it now! :-) Whirry percussion, I think.

  5. Yes! I'm hearing Cesar Franck at the organ, Messiaen pumping. And a percussionist whose name is...escaping me now.