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Saturday, 14 May 2022

On the Edge VII: Another year in sunrises

I'm a bit late with my this year's round-up of sunrises, etc, from my bedroom window, which I do because 1) they mark the passing of my days, and 2) I like to gloat over my treasure. But here they are - mid-April 2021 to mid-April 2022 in sun tracks and skyscapes.

19th April 2021, 6.21am

26th April 2021, 5.59am
The return of the vapour trail

29th April 2021, 5.59am

23rd June 2021, 5.11am 

2nd July 2021, 9.41pm
Evening this time. A brilliant after-glow following a rainy sunset

6th September 2021, 6.49am 

7th September 2021, 6.39am

17th September 2021, 6.53am
Cloud hills towering over the Cotswolds this morning

21st September 2021, 6.33am

22nd September 2021, 7.06am
Still no ash tree for the sun to lodge in this equinox

3rd October 2021, 3.23pm
Rainbow for a daughter's birthday and a mother's death

9th October 2021, 7.47am
The last of the sun till next February. From now on we'll just get its tail-feathers

11th October 2021, 7.25am

18th October 2021, 7.27am
The briefest suggestion of a sunrise

3rd November 2021, 7.19am

13th November 2021, 8.46am
Sunrise all day with trees like these

23rd November 2021, 7.10am

26th November 2021, 9.02am
Storm Arwen incoming

29th November 2021, 7.41am

5th December 2021, 8.11am
Sky like a slightly amateurish watercolour this morning

22nd December 2021, 8.01am

24th December 2021, 8.06am

17th January 2022, 16.33pm
The Wolf Moon

18th January 2022, 7.23am

9th February 2022, 7.34am
The sun is creeping back to the corner

12th February 2022, 7.25am

14th March 2022, 6.31am

15th March 2022, 6.36am

17th March 2022, 6.24am

20th March 2021, 6.25am
Happy Equinox, quoth the magpie, as the sun rises in the ash that's no longer there

21st March 2022, 6.19am

24th March 2022, 6.32am

26th March 2022, 6.16am

27th March 2022, 7.22am

31st March 2022, 6.56am

2nd April 2022, 6.37am

7th April 2022, 6.50am
A rough night, and now it's all a bit Samuel Palmer out there

9th April 2022, 6.32am

11th April 2022, 6.27am

16th April 2022, 6.47am
Half an hour after sunrise


  1. Oh, some lovely pictures - my eye was particularly caught by the Wolf moon and birches... Enjoy the full-moon tonight and early tomorrow, maybe a blood-moon.