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Sunday, 15 November 2020

A local autumn in lockdown

We haven't been out much lately. It's been damp and dreary and dark, and there's no dog chewing our metaphorical ears off about going for a walk. Which is a shame because with the extra lockdown restrictions, there are no golfers hitting small balls at dangerous speed on the golf course, and it's easier to get across on the footpath to the meadow, not to mention wandering around the edges of the course itself - or Fairyland, as we took to calling it during the first lockdown.

Anyway, here's a few recent photos taken during the last six weeks, on the days when we have felt like getting out locally. 

Sunset moving further north all the time, and about to disappear from view in the meadow

Sun reflected in the glass of the Mall at Cribbs Causeway

Charlton Common in October sun

Through the 'tumnal woods

On sunlit uplands. Well, maybe literally, if not metaphorically.

More vapour trails than I've seen in a long time

Autumnal oak

November colour - spindle, wild carrot, clover, hogweed, selfheal, yarrow, blackberries, vetch


The winterbourne living up to its name

The now empty rookery

Looking up the meadow

Another sunset

Re-encountering some of the magnificent ashes and oaks in Fairyland that we first made friends with during the spring lockdown

The smaller pond, much loved by Ted

Sunset now only fully visible from Fairyland ...

... but glimpsed, just, from the meadow ... 

... where suddenly the rooks and jackdaws are back.

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