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Monday, 13 July 2020

A road trip to Berrow

A few weeks into full lockdown, a 10-mile round trip from my home on the outskirts of north Bristol to Eastville to deliver some shopping was a road trip. I remember looking at the mass of hawthorn blossom on Purdown as if it was the Alps. I've travelled a little further afield since then, but still pretty much in or only just outside the city. So it was exciting finally to fill up the petrol tank and head down the M5 to Berrow. 

The light was quite beautiful and quite unearthly by the time we made our way through the churchyard and along the footpath to the beach ...

... and there was no problem with social distancing either. It was lovely.   

Ted quite forgot his advancing years and chased the ball as eagerly as ever. 

The sunset wasn't quite as glorious as we'd hoped on account of a big bank of cloud in the west, but it became increasingly atmospheric. 

At one stage the lighthouses at Nash Point could be seen quite clearly beneath the band of cloud.  

No trip to Berrow is complete without a pilgrimage to the wreck of the SS Nornen. 

Unusually the sand around it was firm rather than mud, so it was possible to walk right out to the stern.

We walked along to the groynes ...

... and then it was time to turn  back. 

Ted marking the spot

I never mind leaving the beach because the walk back through the dunes is so lovely.

St Mary's Church and Brent Knoll

Hemlock water dropwort

Wild parsnip

It was a bit windy for flower photography but I persisted.

Clockwise top left: cranesbill; yarrow and sea radish; great willowherb; sea rocket; tall melliot; red clover; white campion; slightly pink white campion 

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