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Sunday, 12 April 2020

TED Walks in the time of Coronavirus Pt 2

There's not much else to write about right now, thank goodness.

Finding a new place to for our evening walks, with a hint of being in the country about it - though it's really just edgelands - has made a huge difference to our experience of lockdown. (We were already lucky enough to have a home from which we can do most of our work, and a garden.) And now we've abandoned the featureless playing fields and manicured park, and see fewer people as a result. We also cover more ground - around four miles for our daily exercise, which is considerably more on average than we used to do. Still haven't spotted the extremely noisy green woodpeckers up there yet, though.

Here's some photos. 

Gibbous moon above the conifers on the golf course

Wind turbines at Avonmouth

Lady's smock

A fox trotting past and pausing

The moon in the woods ...

... and tangled in a tree, like Absalom.

Trees with barbed wire growing through them on the lane. I remember mentioning this to my father when we walked up there fifty years ago, and I feel as upset about it now as I did then. 

The wishing tree

Sundown over the airfield, for the extension of which most of the village of Charlton was razed in the late 1940s, bar a few houses ...

... including this one, Pentre (now Cedar House). Now the airfield is in the process of being built on. What goes round. 

Old Filton House and the side elevation of Pegasus House through the railings

The rookery-cum-jackdawry

A nearly dry winterbourne at the foot of the field

Ted getting tangled around a tree

Mare's tail shoots, looking deceptively fungal

A golden sundown over Charlton Common

Sunset alongside the railway cutting beyond Charlton Common

The last of the sun over Fishpool Hill

The fire brigade and five police cars arriving to deal with a fire on the golf course. Sightings of lads, lager and two BBQs were mentioned the next day.

The oak tree appears to have lost a large limb at some point, as well as a lot of its bark ... 

... and some inner wood. It's also been attacked by borers. 

Apple blossom

The cycle of the seasons

The tree by the old factory building has stood there so long I hardly ever notice it

The sun going down in the oak tree. How the leaves have burgeoned this week. 

A second oak

Cribbs Causeway from the opposite side of the airfield

Alkanet and yellow archangel

A closer look at Cedar House

Sunset over Charlton Common ...

... and the field beyond

Mist over the River Avon; the new Severn bridge just visible


  1. Lovely photos! One of the blessings of this time is discovering things on your doorstep that you didn't know.

    1. Absolutely. I've lived here - with a brief escape in the 80s - all my life, so this new area to explore feels like a miracle.

  2. What lovely pics...interesting that the (previous) name of the house was Pentre - common around here, Welsh for village ('almost-a-town', like 'pen-insula'), or 'top of the town' in other contexts...

    1. I can't get the book about the history of the village out of the library to check, but my recollection is that the people who were living there in the 20s/30s had a Welsh connection.

      I was aware of the prefix pen- but hadn't made the connection with 'paene'. Not surprised, though - there are a lot of links with Latin.