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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Watching the coming of spring

I spent quite a few mornings in the Stapleton area of Bristol earlier this spring, waiting. And rather than waiting in a draughty foyer, trying to read while people bowled in and out through the adjacent double doors, or sitting freezing in the car, I decided to wait while walking along the River Frome, hunkered in its valley down steep-walled lanes

It's a part of Bristol I wasn't that familiar with, and I loved getting to know it a little. Then, at the beginning of February, I found myself by the lake in Eastville Park, which I hadn't visited since childhood, and after that I was hooked, heading there every week, just to see how spring was progressing.

And now that it's nearly summer and my routines have shifted and I don't have to go there anymore, it's time for a little look back. 

Canada geese not fooled by doggo in disguise

including yet another dreadful photo of a kingfisher ...

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