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Sunday, 13 January 2019

A Kindness of Poets

Poets might not like have their photos taken but they are quite good at communing (in an earnest sort of way). Here's (some of the) members of the Friday morning poetry group last Friday at the Folk House. 

Much more suited to camera-shy poets was Saturday night's do at the Greenbank in Easton: a celebration of the achievements of Poetry Can and the Northerner who most recently ran it. 

As you can see, it was quite dark. Yes, the poets breathe, that's better. 

So I'll only post a couple of photos. 

The centrepiece of the evening was this beautiful book of poems, photos and reminiscences by poets who had benefited from Poetry Can poetry surgeries and the Northerner's insights into their work. 

Or who'd been put in touch with community groups who needed poets for projects through Poetry Can.

Or who'd come to or read at the festivals, or participated in slams.

Not forgetting the poetry groups and workshops.

It was a beautiful evening, full of generosity, with this wonderful souvenir/archive included. 

My cousin asked me the other day what the collective noun for a group of poets is. I wasn't entirely sure, but now I rather think it must be 'a kindness'. 

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