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Friday, 13 July 2018

Making America Gert Lush Again

We were in town a bit early so we started our protest in the Shakespeare on (Sweet) Prince Street. 

Always good to have Will on your side from the off.

He is featured on our placard after all. 

Rachael Clyne, me, Liz Brownlee and the Northerner

Here's some of the others we saw before and during our march through the centre of town and Broadmead. 

 Off with his head!

Oopsie, Neptune's lost his placard. 

(It read DUMP TRUMP - but not in MY ocean!)

Ooh look, there's poet Tim Burroughs ...

... and Rachael being staunch.

As we headed down St Augustine's Parade, a young bloke shouted 'Why are you protesting HIM? He's American, this is England. It's nothing to do with us!' 

'Why are you wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt?' someone shouted back. 'He was Argentinian!'

'He was an Argentinian doctor!' added the Northerner. 'He fought in the Cuban Revolution! He died for people's rights in Bolivia! He was an Internationalist!!'

Poor lad looked flummoxed. 'He wasn't ... er ... this is England ... ?' 

And up went the cry AR-GEN-TINA! AR-GEN-TINA! AR-GEN-TINA!

St John on theWall

More Tim 

And here's our lovely poet, Pat Simmons, taking time out from celebrating her birthday ...

... and isn't that the back of poet Annie McGann?

At Bristol Bridge

Of course, after a bit of concentrated demonstrationing, you deserve pizza and a nice view of the Floating Harbour.  

So we indulged. 

Well done, Bristol. 


  1. Good stuff Bristolians, glad to march with you. Thanks Deborah.

  2. Thank you. Those signs are terrific. Sending love, thanks, and solidarity.