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Monday, 16 April 2018

On the Edge III: Another year in sunrises

It's getting lighter and the sun is swinging north. It must be spring.

I was lucky this last twelvemonth, and caught a couple of wonderful early autumn sunrises on Chew Valley Lake, but mostly I watch them from the bedroom window of my little house in Any Old Town. I'm very lucky.

19th April 2017  6am


21st April 2017    6.10am

24th April 2017    6.20am

25th April 2017   6.10am

27th May 2018    4.20am

Thunder at daybreak. Barky barky barky Ted.

9th June 2017    4.20am

The day after the General Election. Ted is outraged that the monkeys are going to bed when it's clearly time to get up. Out there the political landscape is shifting

14th August 2017   5.40am

The sun swinging back north

16th August 2017   6.10am

6th September 2017   6.40am

10th September 2017   6.40am

14th September 2017   6.40am

Even the squirrels are watching   6.40am

19th September 2017   6.50am

24th September 2017   7.10am

The tree opens one sleepy eye

26th September 2017   7.00am

Imagine being a designated sunrise and knowing you have one day to shine, one day to hold your head up amongst the best in all of history ... and then, on The Very Day Itself, waking up to this?

4th November 2017   5.50pm

The Beaver Moon, apparently.

19th November 2017   7.30am

8th December 2017   7.30am

9th December 2018   7.30am

18th December 2017    8am

5th February 2018   8am

6th February 2018   7.40am

27th February 2018   6.20am

Hills still asleep and dreaming they are clouds

28th February 2018   7.10am


7th March 2018   6.50am

8th March 2018   6.50am

16th March 2018   6.30am

19th March 2018   7.30am

Can't get me car off the hill!

20th March 2018    6.30am GMT

Ostara. True east

26th March 2018   7am BST

29th March 2018   6.50am

6th April 2018   6.30am



  1. Exquisite photos Deborah. Thank you and especially for the beaver moon! xo

    1. I did a double take when I saw how early in the evening I'd taken it. Already it's hard to remember how very short the days are here in winter x