Sunday, 19 February 2017

Small Acts of Resistance

I came home from the tip to find a bumble bee flopped in our front garden. Early emerged from its hibernation, perhaps. In any event, it looked like it could do with some help.

Two parts sugar to one part water is the recipe - any more water and the bee might drown. 

Serve promptly on a plate or spoon. (I had to go a bit Uri Geller on my spoon to get it to balance properly.)

As soon as I put it down, the bee started to waggle its front leg in the air, but was too exhausted to move, so I shifted the spoon towards it instead.  It tucked in for a while, and then withdrew for a bit of a wash and brush up.

By the time it returned for seconds, a woodlouse had sneaked in ahead, but the bee was clearly a generous soul and didn't seem bothered. 

I didn't let them see the mug I'd mixed the sugar solution in, mind. Nor the actual dog, who was safely shut in the back garden.

After a while, the woodlouse lumbered off and the bee started to jack itself up like one of those ridiculous American truck things.

I decided to leave it to its own devices for a bit. 

Twenty minutes later it was crawling around and looking lively.

Twenty minutes after that it was gone. 

1 comment:

  1. Blessings on you for saving a bee. I don't know about bumble bees but I do know honey bees are facing destruction.

    As usual, the written and photographic records of your outings are delightful.

    Greetings from El Paso, Texas.