Thursday, 27 October 2016

Bike Fettling (and a Red Kettle) on the Kennet & Avon

Off to the far side of Bradford-on-Avon today with Ted and Son the Younger, to take Son the Younger's bike, which had a dramatically flat tyre and an annoyingly persistent squeak, to be fixed by bike fettler extraordinaire, Dru Marland.

First, though, a cup of coffee aboard NB Eve ... 

... before getting down to work.

Where did they go?

Ted and I decided to leave them to it and go for a stroll along the canal. 

Before long we hit a stretch of black poplars. It was quite hypnotic walking past yellow trees ... 

... on a path daubed with yellow leaves.

I decided to take a selfie in the autumnal hat Dru had just given me but forgot that I'd just been using the zoom feature. (Clearly I need to practice.)

This is a Dru smile. The hat has taken over. 
Back at the boat, the Brompton was still being fettled. 
Ted decided to while away time doing some bird watching.
Then it was sorted, we bid adieu and headed back to Bristol.  

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