Friday, 8 July 2016

Pictures of Whitby

Just a few random ones that didn't make their way into a blog proper ... 

Where we were staying - a cottage with no access by road and spread over four floors - punishing on the knees, but with the considerable compensation of wonderful views. 

'What views?' asks Ted

Well, these ...

This is the market place, where we encountered a boredom of teenagers on a school trip, still being taught at quarter past eight in the evening. 

This was Ted's favourite place, the harbour, where we sat and ate chips and mushy peas.

Even starving gulls didn't fancy mine.

I can't think why.

I loved the alley ways, which weren't called snickets or ginnels as you might expect, but courts, yards and ghauts. (No idea how you say the last.) 

And I enjoyed the quirk. (Always like a bit of quirk.)

Homage to Jonny Fluffypunk

Overall, it was pretty ... 

but with a bleakness that suited our mood, post Referendum.

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