Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Breadcrumbs coming soon

So this is what it's going to look like - the cover of my forthcoming poetry collection from Indigo Dreams Publishing.  Meanwhile, I'm angsting over commas and full stops, as is my wont. It will soon be time to Step Away From The Second Proof.  

Here's one of the poems that will be in it. It was originally published in 'Salt on the Wind', Chaucer Cameron and Helen Dewbury's anthology of poems in response to Ruth Stone, which is available from Elephant's Footprint.


after Ruth Stone

You scrabbled for
strands and threads
wove together
whatever you could
a piece of story
to keep you warm
cover your shame
But under the surface
something shifts
alters its colour
You turn it
all the ways you can
but all you thought
                     you knew is gone 

                                         Poem  ©Deborah Harvey 2016
                                         Artwork  ©Dru Marland 2016