Friday, 13 September 2013

Bristol Poetry Festival Is Nigh!

Over the last week, as well as my day job at the school for deaf children and working with my autistic son (which involved driving him to Norwich and back on the weekend), and rehearsing for three imminent poetry readings, I've been delivering brochures for the forthcoming Bristol Poetry Festival.  And I have to say that though it's been really tiring and at times wet - not just rain, I slipped and fell into one of the gutters in Wells High Street! - I feel heartened by how many shopkeepers  were pleased to accept them (although I suppose they might have thrown them in the bin once my back was turned) and how many independent cafes seem to be keeping afloat despite the relentless onslaught of Costa Coffee. Not so the independent bookshop, sadly, but that's another blog.  

So, in five days, I scattered brochures over north, south and central Bristol, Thornbury, Clevedon, Weston-Super-Mare, Wells, Frome, Keynsham, Bath, Bradford on Avon, Corsham,  and probably some other places I've forgotten.  And I took some photos along the way.  Here's a few of them.     

Bristol Museum

Bristol City Centre 

M Shed and Prince Street Bridge from the Mud Dock Café

Milsom Street, Bath

Union Passage, Bath

St Bartholomew's, Corsham

The Cellar, Clevedon - now a bistro, it used to be a chemists - at least I hope that's why these drawers are there ... 
Clevedon Pier

The Royal Oak, which belonged to my ancestors and was where my grandparents honeymooned.  They married on 11th November 1918 and my grandfather had an extra day's leave from the army because of the Armistice.  

Bristol Poetry Festival runs from 28th September to 6th October.  Participants this autumn include Louis De Bernières, Prunella Scales, Sir Andrew Motion, Martin Figura, Helen Ivory, Rachael Boast, David Briggs, The IsamBards, and me.  And if I didn't reach you with a papery brochure, here's a virtual one.  


  1. apart from enjoying the pics, I enjoyed the 'Itchthyocol' -posh itching powder.....

    1. It was fascinating and I thought of you and how much better your photos would be - you ought to get in there when they're quiet and clear away the couple of tables that obscure them. The staff there are very pleasant.