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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Day

Leap Day

Five and twenty past the hour
on a non-existent day
without a season.
An early evening rainstorm
chases molten silver mullions
down each westward-facing window.

For a while I watch it claw
the warp and weft of beaded gauze
blinding a scenery of tarmac, concrete, cloud.
There are landscapes in the rainlight:
glassy worlds meander
in a random stream,

encircle tumuli and earthworks
of a long-forgotten past;
snail trails
becoming frosted footpaths
over empty, unlit hills
from which a people with our faces

traced the swathes of ancient stars,
augurs of when to sow and reap.
I cannot wrap myself in their dreams,
only recognise and keep
a thread of memory
to make this weave complete.

©Deborah Harvey 2011

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