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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Up North

Been up and down to Leeds half a dozen times in the last few months, for one reason and another.   It's an interesting place. 

And I fell in love the night before last. Look at this!  There's a ticket booth, where we bought our tickets, which I don't ever remember seeing when I was a kid.  And a gilded balcony, red velvet curtains, and an orange clock, which I do.  No usherette with a torch and a tray of tubs and choc ices, though.



  1. wow, that Hyde Park Picture House is a gem!! Is it still a cinema? I've never seen one like it. Do you know how old it is?

  2. It opened in November 1914. There's a link here:


    And yes, it's still working, we saw 'We need to talk about Kevin' there.

  3. Oh - not a link, then, but you can copy it. :-D