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Saturday 4 June 2011

Slutwalk Cardiff

Slutwalk - the radical notion that women are of value 


Four per cent of rapists  remember what their victims were wearing ...


  1. Excellent. I love the pic of the young guy with the sign "consent is sexy". I had my own experiences of sexual assault :( and also a still upsetting memory of choosing a beautiful pale blue satin dress to wear to my BEST friend's wedding. As a group of us mingled outside the reception centre one married male "friend" laughingly and loudly said I looked like a slut today. His wife looked at me with her lips pursed and the other guys (except) my lovely male friend all laughed. What I think is, it is up to ALL women to stand up against this notion that there are "types" of women, the good and the bad girls. That idea is imbedded in our sexual culture, there are so many myths and stereotypes. I have two sons and do my best to counteract some of these oh so prevalent and oh so attractive myths. But, I am just a mother..

  2. Actually, it's a woman but there were quite a few men there, almost entirely young ones, which is encouraging.

    That's a nasty little story about your friend's wedding, but horribly, depressingly familiar. What arrogance and entitlement!

    My sons have seen the bankrupt nature of male disrespect, and the pernicious impact it has on wives, daughters and yes, sons too, let alone co-workers, the other women they seduce, their children. I regret this but I'm confident that they know how to treat women properly and respectfully as a result.