Thursday, 2 October 2014

Poetry Can Membership and the Bristol Poetry Prize

In the absence of any funding from Bristol City Council from April of next year, Poetry Can has announced a new membership scheme to help raise money.  The cost is a modest £3 per month, and joining will help ensure the continuation of its work with poets of all ages.  There are also some perks to membership, so follow this link to the Poetry Can website to discover more. 

Plus, Poetry Can is also launching a brand new poetry competition, the Bristol Poetry Prize, which boasts a top prize of £600, the chance for winners to read in the Bristol Poetry Festival, and the opportunity for every entrant to have their submission read by the judge, Penelope Shuttle.  All proceeds from the competition will go directly towards funding the Bristol Spring Poetry Festival and the Bristol Poetry Festival 2015, so even if you're not a winner, you'll still win. Unusually, there's no limit on the number of lines permitted, so here's a chance for that epic 80-liner you wrote that's been kicking its heels for months to go out and take its place in the world.   More details on how to enter here.

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