Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Jerusalem by Reg Meuross


They come in coats of green and gold
Disguised as wise and holy men
Through snowy storm and bitter cold
They drag their souls to Bethlehem

They bring their gifts of good intent
Dirty money in their hands
With broken promises they went
To the broken promised land

Here come the liars – go get your men
Go light the fires – Jerusalem

They come in pretty suits of blue
Their sweet smiles hide their poison tongues
They talk of dreams and pastures new
But power’s dark breath corrupts their lungs

They sold the farm to buy the land
They sold the land to buy the gun
From sea to sea with torch in hand
They stripped the fields of Albion

 ‘They took my living from me’
Cry the broken bells of Rhymney
And cast poverty upon me ’til I die
Though you all see the scandal
Will you take to court the vandal
Or just cast your dying candle over my Jerusalem

No more the dark satanic mills
The devil now sleeps in your home
The web of her infection kills
And steals the flesh from off your bones

And still the hapless soldier’s sigh
The hopeless tears of widowed wives
While every politicians lie
Pours insult on their sacrifice

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  1. A well versed and powerful piece. Thank for sharing.