Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stop the Cull

Murdering badgers is not an effective way of preventing the spread of bovine TB. In fact, the scientist whose research is being cited by the government to justify its cull has described the scheme as 'crazy'.

I know this arrogant, self-serving government doesn't give a shit about what the 'plebs' think, but please sign the petition to stop the cull anyway.

                     Driving John Home

for JT

If we’d set out with intent,
licked a finger, held it up to tell
which way the equinoctal wind was blowing,
hunkered under midnight’s coats
out of range of those long
preternaturally sensitive snouts –

If we’d adopted some disguise,
engaged the complicity of trees,
my hair dishevelled, snagged on twigs,
the cap you’d have donned
to stymie moonshine
wreathed with ghosts of broken leaves –  

If we’d watched a warrior tribe
creep circumspectly from its sett,
rootling for worms in fern
and raking grubs from bark with iron claws,
that encounter couldn’t have been
any more extraordinary

than our glimpse of badgers
momentarily frozen to the tarmacadam
of Parry’s Lane,
who trot into view when I close my eyes,
fossick through my dreams.
I should not be astounded.  

Brocks are native to these parts,
their pads remember
lost, obliterated tracks. Yet in that instant,
with angelic serendipity,
they were moon-snared Muses
excavating poetry.

                    © Deborah Harvey 2011, 2012 

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