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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

30 Day Poetry Challenge - Days 25 to 27

Day 25: A poem you wish someone would put to music

None. A good poem has it own music and sings itself. Though it has been done startlingly well. Blake's 'Jerusalem', which really should be England's national anthem. George Herbert's hymns, born as poems. And Leonard Cohen's 'If It Be Your Will' - poem, prayer, song, here sung sublimely by Anohni.

Day 26: A poem that makes you laugh 

I've tried to read this through several times without subsiding into giggles but still haven't managed it yet. I love Billy Collins.

Day 27: A poem you wish you'd written yourself

Oh for crying out loud, how to choose just one? (And yet I have!) 

I've had the great good fortune never to have studied Gerard Manley Hopkins, and so can just appreciate him for the daring and experimental poet he was. I wish I had more of his skill and courage. This poem - 'The Windhover' - is held aloft by joy and sheer brilliance. 


  1. So that's Antony! Wow, what an amazing composite, complete with Memphis-sounding horns! Billy Collins is also irresistible and a hoot. And Hopkins sings and sings and sings!

  2. I love Leonard and would almost always plump for his renditions of his own songs - 'Hallelujah' is so much more affecting sung by him than by younger men or women with beautiful voices but less resonance. However, listening to Antony sing this is like falling off a cliff. Couldn't miss the opportunity to post it.