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Sunday, 15 May 2011

30 Day Poetry Challenge - Days 16 to 18

Day 16: A poem for a happy day

A whole day?!  That's pushing it.  Hmm.  I suppose birthdays should be happy days, and mine is in October.  This poem still makes me cry, though.  Actually, I can't think of a good poem about happiness. It's an oxymoron.

'Poem in October' by Dylan Thomas

Day 17: A poem you want to read when you're having a bad day

Good to know that someone somewhere's having a worse time than me. Enter Philip Larkin, who always makes it better.  

Day 18: A poem you wish your mother/father had read to you.

My father can recite snatches of poems he learnt at school, but I can't imagine either of them reading poetry to me.  But in my Do As You're Told childhood, permission to struggle and even fail would have been welcome.

''Not Waving But Drowning'  by Stevie Smith



  1. What a great portrait of Dylan Thomas! And the poem...! I'll send it to my October-born son. Larkin is one I've still not read much, perhaps this says why, but I like it. And another favorite of SS, probably the one I remember best.

  2. The portrait is by Augustus John. Makes Dylan look quite handsome, doesn't it?