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Sunday, 1 May 2011

30 Day Poetry Challenge - Days 1 to 3

Day 1: The poem you last read

'One Art' by Elizabeth Bishop

Day 2: The poem you most dislike                          

'If' by Rudyard Kipling

I like a lot of what Kipling wrote, but not 'If'. Every time I hear it, I stop breathing, waiting for the horror of that dreadful last line. I also hate the fact that it’s the poetic equivalent of ‘My Way’, as Dennis Hopper illustrates here. 

Day 3: A poem that comforts you

'The Darkling Thrush' by Thomas Hardy

Hardy understands depression.  (Pity about Neil from the Young Ones reading it like a ponce. And the picture of a 'thrush' which looks like one you might see in Dorset, Vermont, not south-west England.  

This poem was written on 31st December 1900 - the very start of the 20th century. When you think of what was to come, Hardy's pessimism seems entirely justified.   

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  1. I love 'One Art' and Bishop's poems generally, though the background intrudes on the clear reading here. As for 'If', to borrow from Marianne Moore, "I, too, dislike it"--though Kipling's craft is not lacking. I remember gagging on that last line the first time I read it framed on a classmate's basement wall in grammar school days. And of course your reading of Hardy is so much more alive!